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Executive Director, Mark Argosh, featured on WorkforceRx podcast

Mark Argosh, chair of the Connecticut Governor’s


Workforce Council and executive director of SVP-CT, guest starred on the WorkforceRx podcast late last month.

The podcast, hosted by Futuro Health CEO, Van Ton-Quinlivan, discussed with Mark, Connecticut’s approach for workforce development.


Mark stressed that to solve the labor shortage in CT, we need to get more people off the sidelines. “We have to increase the labor force participation rate in Connecticut, and what that means is especially focus on underserved populations that face significant barriers,” he said.


“In Connecticut, we’re going to be training over 10,000 people through these programs over the next couple of years. In addition, we’re significantly wrapping up our nursing education programs and targeting the support to people from some of our lower-income school districts,”continued Mark.


This episode, along with the rest of Futuro Health’s series, are available wherever you get your podcasts.


To hear more of Mark’s thoughts or to read the transcript, click here.