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Community Partner Highlight: Meet ReadyCT

SVP Partner ReadyCT develops career-connected learning for all public school students in Connecticut to help align the K-12 education system with workforce needs. They expose students to high-growth, high-demand industries like engineering, green technology, and allied health through pathway programs at Hartford Public High School. They also work on soft skills and building confidence in the next generation’s workforce.

“We are setting our future for who becomes the workforce, our neighbors, [and] our broader civic community.”
– Shannon Marimón, Executive Director of ReadyCT

Marimón, who oversees the program, has appreciated the help SVP Partners have brought to her team in running an analysis on their strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities as well as bringing insights from the business community as to what the workforce needs. ReadyCT is expanding to Eastern Connecticut and New Haven and in entering that new territory, “SVP has been incredibly supportive in…thinking about the strategy for growth. How do we do so without compromising quality in any way?”

As Marimón works to scale the organization, SVP has been a help in providing an outside perspective and helping prepare ReadyCT for those regions. “I appreciate the collaboration and ability of SVP to look across the systems and figure out how they’re all interconnected. [They see] that we have to come at this from a lot of different vantage points in order to see change happen [and] elevate the access and potential of all Connecticut residents.” Marimón believes the added capacity through SVP Partners and their insights into the business community has made ReadyCT a stronger organization.